Dll Downloader.com Privacy Policy

Advertisement Publishing Viewed with Regards to User Interest

The DLLDOWNLOADER.COM site publishes Google Adsense advertisements. Along with this, Google shows advertisements on DLLDOWNLOADER.COM. Because of this, both Google as well as DoubleClick DART cookies are used. Through these cookies, advertisements are shown based on user interest as mentioned above.

Visitors to DLLDOWNLOADER.COM can block DART cookies by visiting the web address Advertisement and Privacy – Google’s Privacy Center where Google’s advertisement and content network and privacy network policies are published.

In order to enhance your advertisement services when you visit DLLDOWNLOADER.COM, we use a third party advertisement company. The companies of concern can use information gained from visitors to DLLDOWNLOADER.COM and other websites in order to offer advertisements for products and services that are of interest. To learn more about the application mentioned and if you want to learn what choices you have in order to block your information from being used by these companies, you can download the PDF document below and you can look at appendix A in the document file.

NAI Advertisement Principles Document (2015)

DLLDOWNLOADER.COM is not responsible for the content of the advertisements published on our site and the products/services they offer.

Log Files

In general, most sites hold log files. These files include standard information about your IP address, Internet provider, browser specifications, operating system and which pages you visited on the site. Also, the log files are in no way used outside of statistical purposes and are kept confidential in order to not violate your privacy. All of your information including your IP address is not associated with any of your personal information. Finally, for statistical purposes DLLDOWNLOADER.COM uses Yandex Metrica technology.


The word “Cookie” is used to refer to a small text file saved on your hard disk by a website site server. Cookies are found on our website to allow users greater ease of use. Also, through advertisements found on DLLDOWNLOADER.COM, services such as cookies and web beacon services may be found in order to collect advertisement data. Furthermore, it is also possible to make these processes only available to you and block them by changing your Internet browser settings at will.

External Links

When necessary, the DLLDOWNLOADER.COM website can provide external links to many sites. Our site cannot be held responsible for websites which it provided the link or banner for and the content or privacy policy on those websites. Because the process of providing the aforementioned link is seen as “attribution” by the law.

The Copying of Content

If you are going to publish information from the DLLDOWNLOADER.COM site to another site, you certainly need to provide its source. This source must be in the form of a clickable link. Also, all rights to edit and delete content copied from DLLDOWNLOADER.COM is reserved.